Sunday, June 15, 2014

Where thoughts collide

The two most important persons in my life are trying to build me different images for a dramatic situation. One of them is pretty practical and choosing to end a life than see it go through all the pain and suffering. The other one chooses to hope and fight for life. The most painful of all this situation is that the sweetest being in my life is suffering a great deal and I am the one in charge with her happiness and well being. 
I love the fact that from time to time I get the chance to see my parents be terribly profound and keep their parenting style in attitude. I wish they could keep that forever. But I guess somehow the lesson about life comes also with the sad truth that all life must come to an end. However this end as certain as it is, somehow scares us. Or the suffering is what kills us. Or the simple idea that we stop being a whole being. We know from start that we will be imputed of the life we so freely received it. And we never seem to get used to this fact. 
And the sad truth is that recently we are confronted more and more with the serious Cancer affection in various shapes. I wish I could declare war on this disease. But I cannot. I feel helpless in front of this thing eating us alive. 
Now it's my cat, since winter it's Smaranda (, a few years back it was my grandma, and so on. However you put it, it's not the state of mind. It's clearly something around us. It's clearly all the food we are so easily and cheaply fed. 
And there is little known of what we seem to turn into an angry God called Cancer. His royal highness seems to have his own shrine... 

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