Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happiness You're Looking For

I keep seeing silicones and anorexia promoted as beauty. I see fake eyelashes and fake nails as beauty. Personally, I hate that. Not because I couldn't afford it or because I am afraid of the pain to get there, but because these are fake values. And it all comes down to the reality we embrace versus the beauty we have promoted in the media. It all comes down to accepting who we are in order to be happy. Everywhere you look you see people being miserable, being tired, constantly complaining about their lives. And we are being promoted to impossible standards of "perfection".
Let's stop for a while and see where we stand by looking at ourselves in the mirror. With a critical eye, just notice what is there to be changed in the mirror. Look straight into your eyes and find the sparkle you lost. Remember the last time you looked at yourself and you've seen exactly what you expected and then try to go back to that time.
This continuos complain on all media and the constant raise of the standards does not make us happier, but constantly unhappier. Also, the reach of standards does not make us happy unless that is what we aim for. And we don't. Think clear for a second and notice what you really want. You don't want to be miserable in a box, you want to be free to explore the world.
Take time to walk your thoughts, anger and frustrations off.
That is where real beauty lies and that is what makes you happy. That must be the happiness you are looking for.

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