Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Somehow deep down our hearts we feel the beauty of those around us. And I must say we unconsciously like certain people or certain things. It's actually surprising that we don't show that in a way that you can explain it. I have tried to put it somehow in words and the problem remains that we don't really know what to choose from our feelings. We try to find reasons where argument is more of a sentimental order. 
In all my education I have learned that there are three stages of a work of art analysis: the first one is the superficial recognition, the second one is based on the personal interpretation and the third one refers to the connection between our knowledge and the meaning it catches. Maybe we function the same way when recognising beauty around us. We try at first to establish the subject, then we recognise the specific group and then on the third level we contextualise  it based on our experience: beautiful of not. 
Beauty is somehow closer to our heart, so it needs to be similar to previous choices. And beauty is still too deep to be mentioned, noticed and expressed. 
May we find as much to judge so we feel beautiful and surrounded by beauty every day!