Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thoughts Before Christmas

Dear Santa,
Every year we wish for more and more, but what do we really wish for deep down our hearts?
I believe we wish for materialistic affordable things and we never accept the fact that we need something totally different. We need the piece of mind, the quietness and the joy we haven't had the time to feel throughout the year. We need to keep in mind what matters to us and we need to remember that life is all about joy. We need to be happy to be where we are, to go where we have to go, to come where we feel like home. We need to be content with what we get from every day. We need to be with the people we love and those who make us laugh or feel comfortable having around. We need to boost our self esteem to start the new year without any fears. And this is what I believe Christmas should be all about.
So, what scarf did you get this year? 
Oh, you got a watch. How lovely! Now you will remember to be on time to work and you will be stressed again. 
Throw it out or give it away! Go see a person you haven't seen in a long time! You will feel the energy coming back to you.
Christmas is not about Coca-Cola or Made in China. Christmas is about celebrating your freedom, your joy and boosting your self-esteem.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Madness of Apocaliptical Theories

I spent recent days watching tv documentaries treating the situation in which an apocaliptical event would take place. And after judging the situations, I have realised that I can actually get in the car and find water for drinking closer than anyone can think. And not spend my life prepring for the worst. I also realised that you have to stop being afraid in order to live.
So, I thought to put a bigger strike on what i love doing: i love walking and I will keep walking. This gives my body the opportunity to exercise and it will give my mind a chance to get rid of all the fears. If you can walk your way to the destination then you can get up and walk no matter what falls on you. And this walking makes me feel better about myself and it reminds me of the days when. Inhad noncar, when ai would walk from uni to work and then home. It was a crazy time, but definitely better and much more fun.
Keep walking, stop thinking about the inevitable death! It will come obviously one day, but we cannot change anything. We just have to be content with what we have done so far. No matter when the light turns off definitely.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Up on a Sunny Meadow

Up on a meadow I bumped into this lovely construction. It's not a house to live in, but a house to inspire you about the countryside life. And it is so lovely that I wish I could be living in that house and have the lovely choice of two paths coming together at night when I arrive and have the option of two paths splitting every morning when I start a new day. Make a choice every morning, turn out that it was the right one every evening. It's a story in every part of this.
Don't you wish you had a little piece of land and a small house that you wouldn't have to worry about filling with useless furniture and useless boxes? Think about all the things that you use and all the things that you don't use. Most of the stuff you gather in boxes and closets are not used. You only use part of them. And that is why your life gets crowded.
Nature is always reborn and that is how our lives should be. Deal with one day at a time. Write about each day and see what was the good stuff that happened on that day. And make something good everyday to feel better and useful. Otherwise TV even a cat can watch all day.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

School of Independence - starting points

We take time to think very little of our independence and we usually ignore the fact that we could make it into this big world without a sword over our heads. And I have learned that being kept constantly under this terrorising thought that what if tomorrow comes and we won't be able to pay for our food, we will never be free. 
So, why not redesign the whole concept of being independent? 
Here is the city in a quiet, peaceful moment of observation. A view you won't see many times because of the pressure you feel for tomorrow. Still, one day, everything will stop. And then tomorrow will not come for you anymore and you have just missed the many todays you had the opportunity to live. Stop allowing pressure to stay over your head and start thinking beyond the walls of your office. You may notice the flavours are once again a big endeavour. I enjoyed walking in the cold and made sense during this walk of my entire life. I could live without the early traffic, without my car, without tomorrow's worry and just enjoy the beauty of life. And I have met up with people I haven't seen in a long time. And I took time to reconsider my life's strategy. And I decided to make it bigger this time and, more importantly, better. I decided to have my own piece of mind. And that's where I started my first lesson of independence. The piece of mind gives me freedom.