Friday, December 6, 2013

Up on a Sunny Meadow

Up on a meadow I bumped into this lovely construction. It's not a house to live in, but a house to inspire you about the countryside life. And it is so lovely that I wish I could be living in that house and have the lovely choice of two paths coming together at night when I arrive and have the option of two paths splitting every morning when I start a new day. Make a choice every morning, turn out that it was the right one every evening. It's a story in every part of this.
Don't you wish you had a little piece of land and a small house that you wouldn't have to worry about filling with useless furniture and useless boxes? Think about all the things that you use and all the things that you don't use. Most of the stuff you gather in boxes and closets are not used. You only use part of them. And that is why your life gets crowded.
Nature is always reborn and that is how our lives should be. Deal with one day at a time. Write about each day and see what was the good stuff that happened on that day. And make something good everyday to feel better and useful. Otherwise TV even a cat can watch all day.

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