Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Madness of Apocaliptical Theories

I spent recent days watching tv documentaries treating the situation in which an apocaliptical event would take place. And after judging the situations, I have realised that I can actually get in the car and find water for drinking closer than anyone can think. And not spend my life prepring for the worst. I also realised that you have to stop being afraid in order to live.
So, I thought to put a bigger strike on what i love doing: i love walking and I will keep walking. This gives my body the opportunity to exercise and it will give my mind a chance to get rid of all the fears. If you can walk your way to the destination then you can get up and walk no matter what falls on you. And this walking makes me feel better about myself and it reminds me of the days when. Inhad noncar, when ai would walk from uni to work and then home. It was a crazy time, but definitely better and much more fun.
Keep walking, stop thinking about the inevitable death! It will come obviously one day, but we cannot change anything. We just have to be content with what we have done so far. No matter when the light turns off definitely.

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