Thursday, December 5, 2013

School of Independence - starting points

We take time to think very little of our independence and we usually ignore the fact that we could make it into this big world without a sword over our heads. And I have learned that being kept constantly under this terrorising thought that what if tomorrow comes and we won't be able to pay for our food, we will never be free. 
So, why not redesign the whole concept of being independent? 
Here is the city in a quiet, peaceful moment of observation. A view you won't see many times because of the pressure you feel for tomorrow. Still, one day, everything will stop. And then tomorrow will not come for you anymore and you have just missed the many todays you had the opportunity to live. Stop allowing pressure to stay over your head and start thinking beyond the walls of your office. You may notice the flavours are once again a big endeavour. I enjoyed walking in the cold and made sense during this walk of my entire life. I could live without the early traffic, without my car, without tomorrow's worry and just enjoy the beauty of life. And I have met up with people I haven't seen in a long time. And I took time to reconsider my life's strategy. And I decided to make it bigger this time and, more importantly, better. I decided to have my own piece of mind. And that's where I started my first lesson of independence. The piece of mind gives me freedom.

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