Monday, June 9, 2014

Faith and More

Throughout history humans have fought for food. No matter what vision of expansion a leader embraced, the main purpose for conquering new territories was food. 
Nowadays, food is much easier to obtain. We have food, if we work for it. The money we make allows us to buy food. The rest are details. No one is willing to fight for it anymore. There is no reason to. No one knows why battles were lead anymore. Nobody cares about history. And the apocalypse is always just a biblical word. We are fed on daily basis with strange information of panic, which leads us into more and more consumption. 
I guess we lose the main perspective from time to time and we become blinded by the ever new releases of great variety, when as "animals" our main concern and interest are the basic needs. The rest is advertising in our vains. 
Coming back to our modern life, where we go to the shop to buy something to eat and find a great variety to pick from, I have to say the struggle has changed. We now fight with the decisions we make. Our brains cooperate with the advertising messages harder and harder. We no longer feel the need to fight, we need to get as if it would end tomorrow. And there are boxes bigger and bigger getting on the market. 
Think twice before thinking we have a hard life. We have a very easy life. Easier than your pet's maybe. And yet, your pet is treated with good intention. But what if you meant wrong? Too many 'pets' and survival of the fittest.
Still, what if one day our resources would be less than the demand we have?
Somehow, we have that today in our world. We have a few corners of the world where people are not properly fed. They fight for their everyday survival. They don't fight for territory, because there is none left. Those who want to thrive leave the desert. And the outside world shall be conquered for food. They have to make it in big cities in order to reach that food everyone is talking about. 
And  somehow we have it in us to love the death stage. 
Think only of the cruel movies with box office success. 
And then count your blessings for still being alive in a time where fight is mainly with our minds on the world stage. 
Keep your sanity with every word you read and don't get lost in survival elements!

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