Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little Big

I grew up surrounded by mature people. For me they were the big people. And I wanted to be just like them. I had no idea what that meant. I just knew they knew everything, they could do anything and there was nothing scaring them. Except the regime.
A few years ago, all grown up, I was asked what I wanted to become. And the answer shook my entire ground. Now I was big, I had nothing to fear, I have done a lot, but still I felt I haven't done much. And still I was big. Somehow I felt there was a lot more to do than the standards I had before. And to think there was actually nothing to be afraid of. And my only fear was that I would not do enough.
Now, I consider I am that big person. And it all stays in a different context. I ponder now not only my doings, but the magic my friends make come true. And they touch people's lives with the things they make. And this way, my new context lies in the generation that moves this world at present times. Quite proud to brag about being big.

I have to name here my friend who works for the biggest company in the world and small as she may be, she does something that moves the world.
I have to remember, my friend who is an architect. And with her ideas she changes the world aesthetically. Proud again for such company.
I cannot forget my artistic friend, who does everything to make the world better and who raises emotion.
And another good friend who works in a place where people are boasting with pragmatism and yet she moves this company through her charm and communication.
With all these friends, I have to aim to be big. In a society which sells lack of culture as a model, I am the proud friend of such people moving world with great heritage. And I stand up straight and say hello to whomever looks down on me because my values are bigger than their pity small hearts and minds.
Writing can change the world with a good speech. A good speech can free minds. Freedom comes from value and Freedom is what gives you the power to create, to move or to change. Freedom is what makes one Big.

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