Thursday, June 5, 2014


The effects of monetarity and the lack of morality: we are paying more money to a woman taking off her clothes than to a teacher taking out her knowledge... And the problem is we are losing morality and encouraging monetarity in a world that's losing more and more the idea of selfesteem. We have come to measure our lives in money. We learn in as many words as possible or even invent more every day for the simple process of consumerism. I still hope we will some day recover and regain all the moral value we've earned through the test of time, wars and revolutions. However the future is not so nearby. We are somehow blind not to see that the herds will not go in the right direction, but the individual must make the right choice. I believe it is mandatory to learn how to make most of the essential stuff yourself. The processed info is enough being fed ot us. Literally or literary, we ar beginning to miss the importance of making. We are producing for society, but never making stuff that will test of time.
In my opinion, the future will show the test of time. And the one who knows how to actually make something will have to win versus one who doesn't. In theory... My theory...

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