Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Smile For A Smile

This is a judgemental analysis of the world today. Please take time to think about all the things that are sold to you every day with a simple smile and then take time to think if you could do the same thing in your own activity.
We buy from smiling people, from enthusiast neighbours and because of recommendations.
Smiles are very useful to our world, so a little smile somehow obliges us "to buy".
The communist society knows one individual gets into a factory and then lives working there for the rest of his life. But in the capitalist society, individuals are free and encouraged to move ahead. The entrepreneur is encouraged to change people, the business doesn't evolve around employees, the world, society, but it develops together with all these things and, of course, its entrepreneurs' ageing. So, please move ahead when you feel you are getting at the end of this step's development. Instead of having the boring look that doesn't help you, please do something you love with a smile on your face.
That should help you feel better and that will empathically transfer to your audience. And the world is much more beautiful where there is no tension.
Also, enthusiasm of the new that makes you feel self-confident is what helps both you and those you are addressing. What is best for you may be best for others too. You just need to show them and make them identify themselves with you.
Recommendations are trustworthy when the person making them is one similar to you. So you have to identify with them. Smile and the person next to you will smile back. And, there, you sold a smile!
The point is you have to embrace the new not just as consumer, but as personal development also. And that is how our world will keep rolling into the FUTURE.
And please put your heart in what you do and you will win more fans. Stop being afraid of anyone judging you. Everyone makes mistakes.
In a world that makes individuals feel lonely, you get the chance to win people over by listening to them or showing empathy. Understand their position, put yourself in that situation, stop judging and then talk to them. You will have them closer and this obliges them to trust you.
Talk too much and you lose interest. You have to save energy for the rest of the day or for the meaningful moments in your life. Jobs are not meant to exhaust you. Jobs are meant to give you the rewarded activity in a capitalist society. Other wise there is nothing new with the "job" word.
And a smile on your job will make people lose any power they think they might have upon you.

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