Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Age of Selfishness

In a world where information becomes more accessible every day, people learn to self-educate themselves. So each one of us will be an artist, critic and in the same time we will continue to be a consumer. Our taste is cultivated through a tradition hardly transmitted with some communist infiltrations and a western dream which is still alive. And our taste seems to influence somehow the true and educated creators. This fact cannot help lowering the world culture, interest and implication. We develop an age of selfishness, of independence, of individualism. This proves we haven’t learned anything from the world history. People have come to evolve in the moment they have united, the moment they have overcome their city limits and the moment the cultural conflict has given birth to a medium or long term compromise. 
Sadly we can evaluate we are in a reiteration of Medieval Age. Luckily, hope is still alive, that even after us, there will be some brilliant minds who will know to judge our times as a preparation for the next humanity jump. 

Our selfishness may head again towards humanity together with the realisation that individually we are nothing. And our art will then be considered as a step to a future age of powerful feeling as we cannot meet at this stage. 

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