Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Form 112

I took part one day in an initiative to help a young person sick of cancer get it’s help from the Romanian state to treatment in Europe. And after we have all gathered there at the Health Ministry with many, many, many signatures for the cause, we left without a solution. But out of all this experience I have personally realised that there is a big mistake in the approach and response. I don’t believe this 112 or any other form should stop you from your fundamental right to live free as long as you have to live. And if you are sick of cancer and you have to take medications you have just lost many years of life and many moments of the days left (the tiredness afterwards, the sickness and not to count the hours spent in the doctor’s office). So 112 or whatever its name is should be unlimited signed off. 
Let’s be serious! What are they afraid of? It’s not like a Lazarus would rise from the grave and come spend hours in the European hospitals just to charge the Romanian state.

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