Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fantasy Literature

A visit at the Carturesti Bookstores and you quickly realise that the world is still fascinated with fantasy stories. Maybe because the reality we see every day seems so dark that it’s hard to face it without a story with a bit of hope. Instead of facing the bosses, you enjoy reading about heroes you admire them for standup to the evil forces from a distance. And that is how fantasy becomes highly appreciated. 
And still why is our reality so dark that all of us prefer fantasy?
Why do we like naming the bad, the dark and dress-up the kitsch? Why not trying to beautify everything towards a fantasy we love?
These are questions I cannot answer. Maybe just take the fact that people buy books because of their covers and use them for their covers. And then it explains the lack of interest in bettering our lives. 
But maybe people still read books and there are dreamers out there who can make our lives more beautiful every day...
I am looking for a dreamer or more to share dreams about a beautiful world we could have around us?


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