Saturday, April 9, 2016

How To Be Free

This is the second book I read from the same author which impressed me a while back and which changed my perspective over my life completely. It’s true that I have become more lazy after reading How To Be Idle, but if the world knew how good it feels not to burn energy for every insignifiant thing happening around you, that’s how everyone would deal with panic, stress and fear. Nothing is forever and as long as we are exhausted by the thought that working as hard as we can to make God knows what “interesting” deed, we will miss out on important moments of our lives, we cannot even react. But if we still hang on to this rhythm, we will wake up alone one day, friendless, depressed and suicidal. And because I don’t want to end up like that, after reading the two books (How to Be Idle, How To Be Free), I have started practicing the “preaching”. This is how I have discovered that it’s true what they say: the world doesn’t collapse if I don’t work madly against time from 9 to 18 or 9 to 23. Because, after all, you don’t work for your good life, but against your health. Moreover, you don’t even realise when you lose track of sleepless hours and when you have become a slave. This is not the way you should continue existing. We are humans and we have the right to take a break and do something we like with satisfaction of it. So I encourage you to start doing so while you have the chance. Throw out the watch and make things as good as you feel it’s right and so in time all will turn out great. After a while you will become free and you will realise time passes much harder if you stop watching time and it’s passing...

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