Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time for my own SELF

I discovered or better said rediscovered recently that burden which I have seen on the shoulders of my parents in the context of communist observation. What I mean by my observation I mean in a tender way the extremely undemocratic gesture which assumes invasion of the private space. 
And no wonder that we live under the impression that democracy means also invading of private space and that somehow we become VIPs if we are constantly under surveillance. I went once in a house where everything was closely supervised. And I was amused that each look I threw in the corners of the house, in the fake ceiling, in the mirrors on the corridors. I was amused that I knew I am nobody and yet those people were wasting their time watching a nobody. And I felt a little bit safe with so many people "watching" my back. I had a driver and a mistress who took care of all we wished for. And I had the seaside at a glance away and the beach and the waves. And I didn't feel threatened, but it had been my decision to go there and I wanted to experiment that feeling. My freedom to choose to throw myself in this experience. And then everything was justified by a will to overcome the limits, to see what such a house is like, an unjustified curiosity to test the evil before he became part of my universe. 
The time I want to spend with myself and my faces is a private time which nobody has the right to watch. This is part of my being which I decide to express in an intimate way, private and away from foreign eyes. Same thing happens with the phone. It's a mean of communication, not a tool to draw a psychological profile. If we are all followed, it means they are leaving from the premises that we are all felons.
I believe even more that my privacy is invaded if I am not warned by this. 
Safety has some limitations. The limits we must establish and we are mature enough to consider which is that private space which should be deprived of the foreign eyes and ears. 
Freedom means you can unravel without leaving traces, without having an impact on somebody's work, without being judged for your deeds. 
Freedom doesn't mean constraints and worries which we fell when the Big Brother watches over us. 
Big Brother doesn't make you a star but it invades in a brutal way and very aggressively the private life!

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