Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Freedom - Edge of Democracy

I am missing the lovely careless vacation days, when the sun used to set on my happy feet, when the sun used to shine through the towel hanging in the window and when the sitting used to be protected by linens all the way to the seaside. And on top of that people used to sing. We had no idea what democracy looked like, we simply enjoyed the freedom of family. 
Nowadays we run away from family commitment and embrace the freedom of movement. We are free to cross borders, yet the border of our mind and soul is stronger than it used to be... 
I wonder if we realise that we're on the edge of Democracy and feeling the fresh breeze of democratic air. 
We are free to buy all the "beauty" of the west and we are free to judge what borders to cross or not. 
Enjoy the freedom and smell of it! 

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