Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Nationalism With a Human Face

In the '90s we were crazy about the Coca-Cola bottle, who's drink we would taste only on special occasions, we had moderate access to McDonald’s, it was a holiday when we went to Pizza Hut and we hated the trip to the market every Saturday among market stalls, despite the crowd of people, despite getting all the germs. Now, it looks like everything we touch is beautiful and we need something real in order to survive. 
So I'm beginning to like the crowdedness at the market, I started buying from stalls, to manage the germs we meet at every corner and I believe the Coca-Cola bottles are no longer such a big attraction. We are trying to live healthier and somehow the return to nationalism makes us believe that the problems we know will disappear in the shadow of some long forgotten times. These problems did not exist when the communism existed and the fruits from the country side were the good ones. Although Soya would be found before ’89, we considered it bad quality and harmful, though now we embrace it as healthy food. 
Then and now, occident and nationalism. 
And I wonder if it isn’t this tendency we feel even in the branding of the products that exploits our emotional nostalgy we feel in the context of some problems we didn’t know in the past ages. 

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