Monday, May 20, 2013

Think fast and choose wise

I find it is quite often that people start looking for a better paid jobs and not for building a career and developing their knowledge. I was raised in an uprising society going from comunist to democratic thinking. And we have lost this idea of building a career since the need for money and the urge to buy more in order to be more western. And we are the perfect developing market for the goods coming from the western world which has been a model for us for a long time. I believe this is pretty unhealthy and that is why we come across doctors doing sales and engineers giving up their ideals to sell goods. We are consuming and the jobs are eating us alive instead of us making our lives more beautiful by building our dreams and taking on challenges to find solution to problems. This whole chaotic system is not healthy or long term constructive for a society that's recovering from the communist propaganda where everybody had a job right after finishing high-school, professional school or university, where you had the chance of getting a house once you had a job and where each family was entitled to one car. Remember the fact that we had very little chance to make our plans come true. We were going ahead according to a pattern everyone was respecting. And the times were more romantic, but we need to move on and fight the major changes on the planet: human population is bigger, the globalisation is stealing our national identity and the present economical crises is making competition even bigger. We have to learn to be competitive and to do what we like in order to be happy and to love the job we have chosen. I have discovered many people reach the age of 30 and they are not happy with their jobs, but they don't think of their career as a long term plan. And the good side of it is you don't have to make the plan for the rest of your life, you just have to follow your dreams and the ways will be ahead of you. So, think fast and choose wise...

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