Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rosenau Fortress - Rasnov for Romanian

I went today for a first visit to the peasant fortress of Rosenau. It was the city of roses when it was full of life and I met there one interesting person worth mentioning as an example: a 14 year old boy volunteering to be a guide for the tourists coming there. He wasn't ready for a public, but he tried to tell us interesting stories. It was impressive for me to see such a young boy trying a future career. And it was an example which I didn't expect to see in our hectic society. Instead of spending his summer playing football or watching tv like most kids of his age, he wanted to try the work of a museum guide. And although he was struggling to find his words from the vast information given, he caught our attention with an interesting legend regarding the fortress. It so happened that there was a house of divorces. Here couples that decided to divorce were forced to live together for two weeks in this house. During these two weeks they would have to share the same bed, the same plate, the same fork and the same food. Food was brought by their fellows citizens. Moreover when they were served dinner, the person bringing them the dinner would also throw a bucket of cold water on the floor so the community would be sure that none of them slept on the floor. And it turned out during the Medieval rules and while the fortress was alive only one couple divorced. 

So, as an optimistic conclusion of my day, ancestors were wiser than us and there is still hope for the young generation to build a career and tell us stories from the past as a lesson for life.

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