Friday, August 15, 2014

Stand Out or Stand In

Our world is on constant movement. 
We live with the constant fear that every second spent is waisted. It has become so obsessive that the 80's expression of "sleeping together" no longer has the secondary meaning, but rather the literal meaning. 
And the fast pace we move in makes us forget to use words with secondary meanings or play with words. I am beginning to think the days when pun, irony and sarcasm were invented were slower times, clearly more challenging for the mind. People didn't have so much education, but they were challenged to use the little vocabulary they had in different circumstances. 
In a way we seem to live our lives more on the verge of correctly expressed, rather than richly expressed. Our thoughts are not entirely expressed. 
We don't have time to think of beautiful words, we just make sure we are saying it right. 
And that is how we are becoming robots who know how to "correctly" communicate for every type of receiver. The receiver is probably also a robot transcoding our message and putting words into actions. 
And in such a world it becomes hard to tell a story to people who cannot take time to think twice. We think at first and act upon our thought. It seems like we are all on a race against time. Funny enough, at the end of the road there is no prize. So, why rush when you can enjoy time to feel good and use your brain?
I believe that if you want to stand out, take time to think twice. Learn that pun, irony and sarcasm can actually win you an auditorium, while blending in can only fit you perfectly into the "world lego". 

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