Friday, July 18, 2014


Oh my darling Caroline ... And the story is so sad that it kind of got me thinking deeper. I learned this song when I was a kid as I was perfecting my English language over a hot summer's day. And I kept it as a sweet memory of the age of naivity. And even deeper than that it seemed like our generation has a big problem: we have always been self sustainable. There never seemed to be someone to hold us up, to hold our hands and our parents knew very little about us. Now we find it hard to understand those who have little clue about the world and those who listen to the mass message that there are impossible things. For my generation nothing seemed impossible. And we seemed to have dared the faith with a lot of our decisions. And lucky enough I am happy to say I know people who changed the world and who keep having an impact on it. We sang our own lullaby and because we were always the sollitary climbers of mountain tops, we now seem to disrespect all the helpless people around us... You think that's wrong? I believe it's worrying that the new generations have no clue of their direction and see very unclear that they have not many shoulders to lean on. I believe our generation will need sustainable future to feel confident in the future... And a stronger lullaby to build it up...

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