Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the Value and Appreciation

I look at lots of people from former communist countries around us who make it in more democratic countries and I realise there is something rotten in the way we are thinking. We somehow don't give the right to anyone to stand up and say "I am valuable/talented". And it's a little bit crazy because we don't really have very good criticising criteria. We are killing any talent in the bud because someone else can and we didn't have the courage to try it. And it's actually based on our frustrations and our need to be appreciated that we seem to still suffer from. The strangest thing is we are killing our own ideas in the bud and there is no one else's fault we leave our dreams behind. And from this frustration we stand tall and criticise anyone who dares to stand up. Stupid or not, let the public decide the value of one. And the appreciation will come to those who deserve. This is the most important lesson people in human cultural history has learned when coming out of the Middle Ages. And in Romania we were also encouraged to write at the beginning of our writing era. And there was this smart guy who said we first need to create and then judge values. I believe in this. It's a good lesson from history of culture and we should listen to the past if we want to forget about the manipulation and the times when we were guided to like some people. Those are no longer values. We make the values, but we should let them be expressed first and then separate valuable from non-valuable. It happens in a natural way and we just witness the whole process. It's a democratic choice we have to let happen!
Good luck and follow your dream if you have one!

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